Thru past & present years certain individuals have made the scene a cultural experience & influenced those who followed. We would like this page to be ongoing - if you have photos, flyers, or opinions,
send them on to us...You are part of the future.

Click on a person's name for more info:

Alan Vega
Musician Suicide, Artist, Author

Andy Warhol

Pop Artist, Filmmaker, Author

Aristedes Philip DuVal
Writer, Actor, & Producer

Bebe Buell
Model, Singer, Author

Benny Mitchell
Magic Tramps guitarist
{bass} circa 1974-75

Billy Name

Bob Feiden
RCA Records Executive

Branch Emerson
Eric & Elda's son

Candy Darling
Warhol Superstar

Cherry Vanilla

Musician, Actress

Chris Harlot
Member of Harlots of 42nd Street

Chris Stein
Founding Member &
Guitarist of Blondie

Craig Highberger
Filmmaker, Author

David Johansen
Singer, New York Dolls,
aka "Buster Poindexter", Actor

David Loehr
Archivist, Author, Promoter,
James Dean Gallery

Deborah Frost
Member of The Brain Surgeons, NYC

Elda Gentile
Mother of Eric's son, Branch;
Vocalist and founding member
of the Stillettos

Emmareta Marks
Broadway Actress, Hair

Eve Babbitz
Writer, Author

Gerard Malanga

Warhol Associate, Superstar,
Author, Photographer, Friend

Ginger Coyote
Editor & Publisher, Punk Globe

Harold Black
Founding member of
Teenage Lust & The Lustettes,
Formerly of David Peel & The Lower East Side Band
Helen Wheels (Robbins)
Singer, Songwriter

Holly Woodlawn
Warhol Superstar, Author,
& Cabaret Entertainer

Jack Mitchell

Jackie Curtis
Poet, Playwright, Warhol Superstar

Jonas Mekas
Writer, Village Voice

Jayne County
Rock & Roll Legend, Actress

Jeff Salen
Guitarist, Tuff Darts

Joe Dallesandro
Warhol Superstar, Actor, Friend

Joe Valentine
Member of the group, Rags

John Holmstrom
Editor, Punk Magazine

Leee Black Childers
R&R Manager, Photographer

Martin Rev
Recording Artist, Suicide, NYC

Mike Leahy
Lead Singer, 7 Shot Screamers

Clothing Designer

Pamela Des Barres

Peter Crowley
Music Director, Max's Kansas City

Paul Zone
Member of The Fast

Richard Nusser

Rick Rivets
Guitarist, New York Dolls,
The Brats, Rick Rivets Band,
Corpse Grinders

Ruby Lynn Reyner
Singer, Ruby & The Rednecks, Actress

Recording Artist, NYC

Tony Ingrassia
Theater Director, Playwright

Ultra Violet
Warhol Superstar
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