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At this point in our musical history, we had turned down six to eight record contracts, holding out for more. Meanwhile, our friends were getting signed - Blondie, Ramones, Tuff Darts, Suicide, Kiss, NY Dolls, etc. It appeared we had different views on our musical direction. Eric wanted to explore theater, others wanted to become a commercial band. At that point we went radical - Lary & myself enlisted the musical force of hard-edged Rock & Roll musicians.

Our new lineup was as follows:
circa 1974-75
Sesu Coleman on drums
Lary Chaplan on violin
Jay Mala on vocals
Steve "Flying Fingers" Caveretta on guitar
Tom Manuel on bass

We rocked like Zeppelin. We felt this was the band sound needed to land the ultimate record deal. Our material was 99% original.

Cocked and loaded, we still had the "Glam Rock" thing going on. We revisited Max's. Jay Mala was a talented, seasoned vocalist from NYC who sang with a group on Capitol Records named, Koala, and later sang for the Joe Perry Project (Arrowsmith).

We received rave reviews such as:

"The new Magic Tramps are tremendous. Honest to goodness, worth listening to music. Flash-hi-heeled and pretty. Talented lyrics say something. Far above average, lively show should be seen, heard and enjoyed."
........Rock Magazine, NY

"Nothing has turned us on like the Magic Tramps. They look pretty and sound really fine. Worth seeing again."
........Swank Magazine, NY

"Fantastic - really a good, tight band."
.........Rogue Magazine, NY

"Among New York City's best rock & roll bands, Magic Tramps."
.........Tambourine, NY

"What rock is all about, Magic Tramps."
.........Morning Call, PA.

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