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I'm Sesu Coleman, drummer of the Magic Tramps, featuring Eric Emerson, Andy Warhol Superstar. At times, Eric was compared to James Dean - both living life to the fullest, making three classic films, and leaving us, the fans, at an early age, wanting more. Both captured the interest of Andy Warhol, who made images of them both in his art work. Eric was replaced by Jay Mala on vocals and as the lineups changed, the music continued to grow. This site is dedicated to my friend Eric - his life and spirit, family and friends, and to all of you.

For those of you who were there with us, I hope this will serve as a pleasant walk down memory lane, and fill in a few missing links. For those curious and visiting us and our era, where glitter and makeup, nail polish and platforms were the norm, I hope to give you the impression of the energy, excitement, color, and music. Get to know the people and bands who helped make New York City a better place to experience music, art, and expression.

This site is intended to grow and continue the quest of music and creativity to the fans and musicians who were considered family from Max's Kansas City, the Mercer Arts Center, Coventry, Club 82, St. Adrian's, the Diplomat Hotel, CBGB's, Kenny's Castaways, Folk City, Mothers, etc - to the bands who made it to vinyl - Blondie, Tuff Darts, New York Dolls, Kiss, Helen Wheels, Diplomats, Ramones, Suicide, Jayne County (of Queen Elizabeth), Ruby & the Rednecks, Patti Smith, David Peel and the Lower Eastside Band, etc - and to the unsigned bands who played original music, The Harlots of 42nd Street, Teenage Lust & the Lustettes, Butch, Lugar, 8 Balls, Canon, Street Punk, Modern Lovers, Snyper, Wizz Kids, The Brats, The Stilettos, and many more - this site is for you - who's curiosity will hopefully be satisfied.

I hope you will visit often and add your thoughts in our message board. Updates will occur often with new prints, photos, sounds, flyers, articles, and more!

So sit back and enjoy the experience. As Eric would say, "I'm Eric Emerson, and this is my Outlaw band - let's take a trip!"

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